Seen and Not Heard - A title that aptly portrays what it was like in post-war Britain and for children growing up in the 1940’s/50’s and early 60’s.

“Jennifer was a farmer’s daughter and the youngest of four siblings and what could have been an idyllic childhood was blighted by events that followed her from childhood into teenage years and beyond, and it was because of what happened in later years that prompted her memoirs.

Throughout her early years Jennifer lived in some amazing places, including Cornwall, Estcourt Park Tetbury in the Cotswolds and Croxton Park; once a royal medieval deer park and also the site of a famous pre-monstratensian abbey and part of the Belvoir Estate in Nottinghamshire. Her teenage years, however, were quite different when at the age of fourteen, she and her family departed to a new life in the city of Nottingham. Initially, the bright lights were so exciting but it didn’t take long before she missed the sound of the cows as they grazed in the meadows, the birdsong in the morning and the pheasants late at night.

But she was part of the Swinging Sixties: the era of free love, the mini skirt and James Bond 007 movies, which only enhanced her desire to find the love and affection she craved as a child…….

Whilst there is a saying ‘that everything happens for a reason’ I’ve often wondered why and this book may have been written by me, but its struggles and morals can be embraced by just about anyone…..

An excerpt from my book ‘Seen and not Heard’

Heaven Through The Eyes of a Child

The next few years were quite a blur as we moved to several different places and I have no recollection of houses or schools, although it was about this time that I remember a vision that has remained with me through the years.

One lovely summer’s day and whilst out for a walk with my brother and sisters, we came upon a meadow that was full to the brim with clover and wild flowers and so lightly perfumed, it smelt divine.

Being such a beautiful sight I stood there in wonder and amazement, observing this great act of nature, as beauty had no bounds. Surrounded by such perfection I thought I was in heaven.

Throughout life I have never experienced a sight, or sensation, so vivid and so special, that would leave such a lasting legacy in my memory box. If indeed this was heaven then I will be happy to go there in time.”

Over the past seventy years wild flower meadows have almost disappeared from our countryside, and sadly, it’s unlikely they will return to the same extent. But fortunately, there are those who are now realising this is what nature intended and doing something about it by reinstating habitats for birds and wildlife.