Forgotten memories often come flooding back when hearing music from times gone by and twenty years after the breakup of my first marriage, this was happening to me.

To the outside world I may have appeared happily married, but in reality, I was simply hiding what was happening behind my own front door. Because of difficulties during my childhood and teenage years, more than anything, I yearned to be loved. On the contrary, my husband was sexually motivated and with his addiction for women, went to great lengths to fulfill his desires. Living with his lies and deceit cause much heartache, but ever hopeful, I stuck with him for thirteen long years.

Throughout this period, while he spent his life having a good time, he took my happiness and replaced it with destruction.

Still traumatised by these events and to rid myself from his spell, I decided to write about the unpleasant things that happened in my life, and so began my self- healing process.

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