10 Best Books about Family Relationships of 21st Century

If you are fond of reading books that revolve around a family or trying to tell how much a family means to one, then this list of books about family relationships is for you. Pick one of these ten books on family relationship to revive the inseparable bond you have with each member of your family.

1. Seen and Not Heard by Jennifer Jane Sherriff

‘Seen and Not Heard’ is a family relationship book. It revolves around the life story of Jennifer Jane Sherriff. The book is set in the 1940s, when life was about being all traditional. It was also a time when children were not made a part of household conversations because parents believed they would not understand and it might affect them in bad ways.

Jennifer defines the period as the time of being seen and not heard. However, fortunately whilst growing up, Jennifer and her siblings had been taught to sort their own problems out, which stood her in good stead, helping her to be strong and able to survive the uncertain times ahead.

2. The Center of Everything by Jamie Harrison

For Polly, Livingston, Montana, is a land charmed by raw, natural beauty and a close network of family. But the summer of 2002 finds Polly at a crossroads. A recent head injury has shattered her perception of the present and brings long-forgotten events to the surface. A beloved friend goes missing on a family reunion during the Fourth of July holiday. The way this book handles familial relationships is a whole other level. You have to read it to believe it.

This incident must remind you of the parents from a few decades back who used to see their children but never paid any attention to them.

3. It Takes a Family by Debra Jay

This book on family relationships gives the reader tips, tools, and a framework for pursuing the proven path of structured family recovery. The classic guide to family intervention, It Takes a Family, offers a proven method to step beyond the initial intervention and reinvent the relationships as part of a family recovery team.

4. The Other Mother by Mathew Dicks

Thirteen-year-old Michael Parsons is dealing with a lot in this family relationship book. The sudden demise of his father and his mother getting married to Glen was just the tip of the iceberg. One day, Michael finds that his mother is gone, and an exact duplicate of his mother is living with them. The ‘other mother’. No one seems to notice the real version is missing. But Michael knows that this mother is not his.

5. My Brilliant Life by Ae-Ran Kim

Another one of the most talked-about family relationship books is ‘My Brilliant Life’. It explores family bonds and out-of-the-ordinary friendships, finding joy and happiness in even the most difficult times.

6. The Narrowboat Summer by Anne Youngson

‘The Narrowboat Summer’ is a charming novel about three women, one dog, and a narrowboat that brings them together. This book is a heartfelt story about the possibility of heading out in a new direction at any age.

7. Landslide by Susan Conley

A novel about a brave mother caring for her two teenage sons as the crumbling fishing industry, New England community, threatens to collapse around them. A beautiful portrait of a family, compelling as it moves, raises the question of how to remain devoted when the storm gets closer and closer.

8. Consent by Annabel Lyon

‘Consent’ is a sly, sensual, haunting novel about two look-alike sisters whose lives get braided together when tragedy changes them forever. A novel that explores how love can become entangled with guilt, resentment, and regret.

9. Girl A by Abigail Dean

What begins as an impulsive tale of outbreak and survival becomes a psychological family story about the shifting alliances and betrayals of sibling relationships. This book about family relationships will have your nose stuck in the book.

10. Faye, Faraway by Helen Fisher

This one is of the most heartfelt books on family relationships. It’s a spellbinding novel that examines loss, faith, and love as it follows a woman who travels back in time to be reunited with her lost mother since childhood.

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